Wanne hit the field of battle?

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Wanne hit the field of battle? Empty Wanne hit the field of battle?

Post by [DAY]2Fat4Airborne on Sat Jun 01, 2013 1:25 am

Welcome to DAY´s Conference Office!

If you want to play against us...
Give us a date and the numbers of players (for example 3vs3). We will check whether we can make it at this time and under the conditions.
Or maybe you want to invite us to an event or private organized league. Then give us an heads up, we are very interested.

If you want to play with us...
Normally it is always possible time to play with us. We are not that kind of clan that stands for elitism. But events and clansmen goes first.
So give us you're Wargame nick and tell us when your prime time starts.
But remember that we are an international clan and therefore speak English in TS. You must not be able to speak fluently, but enough that we can communicate Smile.

Have a nice DAY

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